My name is Nicola Golding. I'm a relative novice in the world of Lundby and Caroline's Home collecting having acquired a Lundby Stockholm with some Caroline's Home furniture from a church fair in early 2006. At the time I had no idea about Lundby, but I fell in love with the big yellow house and recognised the furniture from my childhood and that's what triggered this obsessive collecting bug 30 years later (too much time on my hands while on extended maternity leave you see!)

In the 1970s I owned a hand made dolls house and my mum used to take me to Bodger's department store in Ilford (Essex/East London) to buy furniture for it. I distinctly remember the brown Caroline's Home packaging and I also remember my favourite item was the ginger cat on the bearskin rug! That original doll's house of mine got sold when I was a teenager and I can never buy that one back, but instead during the last year
I have managed to amass FIVE houses:
a 1970s Lundby Stockholm,
a 1980s Lundby Gothenburg,
a 1970s Caroline's Home

a 1980s Super De Luxe Caroline's Home &
a 1980s Caroline's Home Claremont Chalet and Extension. (Lis Garner warned me that one house was never enough!) I'll do a bit of housekeeping and put some better photos of my houses up soon.

At the beginning of 2006 I knew NOTHING about the world of doll's house collecting. I would not have been able to tell you the difference between Barton and Tri-ang or 1/12 and 1/16 scale. At first I trawled the Web and eBay for information and found Peppe's Dollshouse really useful for the old Lundby catalogues. I then got in touch with Lis Garner via eBay and asked her a whole bunch of questions. She was great, really helpful and nice and told me about Swedish Dollshouses and the We Love Lundby Club. I found there was hardly any information about Barton and Caroline's Home on the Web and so that brings me here....

This web site is more about educating ME than anything else, but I hope it can be of some use to other people. I don't claim to be an expert and I NEED your help - so please, if you spot any mistakes, can pad out my history or have any additional information you can send, anything at all then just drop me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you.

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My daughter Rachel was born on 22nd March 2007. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with messages and best wishes. I guess I won't have so much Ebay and website making time on my hands now... and I'll have to keep those doll's houses under lock and key now until my cherub is old enough to appreciate them!!

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