I would like to thank the following wonderful people for their advice, help and support and for the contribution of information and source material:
Peter Pehrsson Peppe's Dolls House Page
Valerie Crutchlow Valerie very kindly sent me some old cuttings, info and an old price list from the 1980s
Lis Garner See Lis's fabulous houses in the museum at Swedish Dollshouses and visit her eBay shop
Sue Morse We Love Lundby Club
Stella Goodman visit her eBay shop

These are other web sites that I have found interesting and useful in my search for information:
Swedish Dollshouses  
Caroline Mockett's Lundby House  
Jennifer McKendry's History of the Lundby House  
Museum of Childhood History of Tri-ang  
Wikipedia Dollhouse History  
Marion Osborne's eBay shop (Author of "Bartons Model Homes")  
Always Hobbies A wide range of Dolls Houses, furniture and accessories including 1/16th scale  

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